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We get what we vote for – 15 years of Tory rule.

A defining moment for the Conservative party. We have voted in a Conservative Government and by the end of 2024 we will have pretty well fifteen years with a Conservative Prime Minister. The Labour party has made just one gain … Continue reading

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Remorse or anger? How do Tories feel this morning?

I voted conservative. I didn’t like the candidate (Mark Field), I didn’t like the campaign and I didn’t like myself . I simply felt no confidence in other options. Now, like many who lay dazed from exit poll to the … Continue reading

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Snap elections – people – and policy! #GE17

Snapping people The cost of a snap general election will be highest for the politicians, their advisers  and their families who lose their livelihoods on June 8th. It is tough on MPs, especially those who joined since the 5 year term … Continue reading

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The next General Election cannot come soon enough! – guest blog from Ralph Frank

  The next General Election in the UK is scheduled for 7 May 2015. That date can’t come soon enough, bringing a little respite (if only temporarily) from what seems to be some sort of popularity contest between the Chancellor … Continue reading

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I am weary of being weary of politics

Here error is all in the not done- all in the diffidence that faltered… Continue reading

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