I am weary of being weary of politics

Today is the day that Gordon Brown announces there will be an election.

I am weary of being weary of politics.

It is surely wrong to turn our faces away from the great issues of world,national and local politics and to disenfranchise ourselves from the political process.

On Sunday I cycled through Runnymede and stopped at the Windsor Gate to contemplate the words inscribed upon the pillars. In 1215 political change was effected by the organisation of the people to curtail the powers of an oligarch through the establishment of a democratic process.

We live in the greatest democracy in the world and should cherish our live tradition of debate and tolerance and our capacity to change our lives and those of others through a process which , though flawed, remains the envy of other countries.

Over the next four weeks there will be a chance for us to make our feelings felt through the new media, old media but most of all through our individual votes in the ballot box.

I hope that those reading this will use our combined voice and our individual voices to good effect.

Here error is all in the not done, all in the diffidence that falters….

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