Delirious – Tell me Easter’s on a Friday

Why are Delirious crap?

Christian rock bands have no doubt- that’s why.

Rock and roll is the devil’s music- Presley knew, Jerry Lee knew and Johnny Cash knew . They knew where it was coming from- Gospel – but knew where it was going – straight to the whorehouse.

It is that contradiction that makes their music- particularly Cash’s music- so compelling.

Delirious sum up all that is wrong with evangelistic Christianity. There is no anguish of doubt in their singing, the devil isn’t even on the bench.

There is more spirituality in a few bars of Ian Curtis’ “Heart and Soul” than in Delirious’ entire output. Even the piss-taking of the Stones is more uplifting than their hopeless blatherings.

Get “the Boatman Calls” by Nick Cave to understand how you can use your Christian held beliefs to get people to engage with Christianity.

You don’t have to be a Christian to enjoy the Cash’s later albums but to enjoy these albums requires you to question why you aren’t.

Tell me Easter’s on a Friday- the death and suffering of Christ engage me more than the Resurrection.

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