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Snap elections – people – and policy! #GE17

Snapping people The cost of a snap general election will be highest for the politicians, their advisers  and their families who lose their livelihoods on June 8th. It is tough on MPs, especially those who joined since the 5 year term … Continue reading

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A pensions dashboard brings its own risk.

A need for pension I am keen not to pour cold water on the pensions dashboard, but I am not having it promoted as the game-changer to savings behaviour. The pensions dashboard is what Martin Clarke, the Government Actuary, refers to … Continue reading

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Cridland and the price of state dependency

  John Cridland’s consultation report into the state pension age, commissioned by Ros Altmann and delivered today, does not say quite what the modernisers wanted it to. Accelerated pension ages and the scrapping of the triple lock deliver a double … Continue reading

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(Positive) thoughts on the state pension

    The state pension , next to our capacity to work, is most of our greatest financial asset. Conservatively valued at £250,000, the new state pension of £155.65 p.w. is worth more than most new Lamborghinis. So why do … Continue reading

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It’s snowing, I want to stay in bed- I don’t want to work forever!

  We are being swamped today by “big questions” about how long we can work and how  much we need to save to retire. As I look out of my bedroom this morning there is snow on the banks of … Continue reading

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