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Cridland and the price of state dependency

  John Cridland’s consultation report into the state pension age, commissioned by Ros Altmann and delivered today, does not say quite what the modernisers wanted it to. Accelerated pension ages and the scrapping of the triple lock deliver a double … Continue reading

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Bankrupt graduates – W.O.T.

We are  a nation in debt. Jointly and severally. As a country we have lived beyond our means, individually we have spent more than we have earned. The problem is not universal and many individuals have managed their finances well, … Continue reading

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The Racket of the Lambs – 20 things you never wanted to know about Pension Rocks III’s top band

The Racket of the Lambs is the house band of the Pension Play Pen- Europe‘s fastest growing pension group (unverified). It is led by the Jackal – Simon Kew Its musical director is the Legend (that is Dick Strattan) 4.   Our Drummer is … Continue reading

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Martin Lewis and the “real world”

And if you’ve ever heard Martin on the radio then you’ll know that he is a lot cleverer and does a lot more good than many of us would care to admit.

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How to boil a frog- tax changes for pensions

Of course the best way to boil a frog is to put it in cold water and heat the water to boiling point, putting a frog in boiling water will result in the frog jumping out of the pot.
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