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How did Christmas go viral?

  When Joseph and Mary rocked up ap Bethlehem, it was to pay their taxes – no online submissions for them. They were looking for stable pricing for a night – what with Mary being pregnant – they got it … Continue reading

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Zacchaeus – the short-arsed scammer who came good.

Zacchaeus -Remember him? Zacchaeus was a tax man who one day climbed a tree For he was short in stature and said he could not see And yet he had a problem, that mattered even more He didn’t see the … Continue reading

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Domestic bliss at Christmas

Christmas domestic bliss has been in short supply at the Tapper’s ancestral home. Some member’s of the family remember a happy Christmas Day in 1975 but we seem to have been in permanent warfare ever since. This year, the major issues … Continue reading

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Treasury 1 DWP 0 (Steve Webb o.g. 89 minutes)

I wouldn’t like to be Steve Webb this afternoon. Having protested for the past few weeks that the DWP‘s auto-enrolment timeline was carved in stone, we learn today that employers with 3000 or less employees  (for details follow this link!) will have another year or so to … Continue reading

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