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Harrowing times

Today is Easter Sunday, the day we remember as the culmination of Jesus’s passion. Today he is back living on earth after miraculously recovering from the mortal wound he received on the cross on Friday. Sunday and Friday are covered, … Continue reading

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How did Christmas go viral?

  When Joseph and Mary rocked up ap Bethlehem, it was to pay their taxes – no online submissions for them. They were looking for stable pricing for a night – what with Mary being pregnant – they got it … Continue reading

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Zacchaeus – the short-arsed scammer who came good.

Zacchaeus -Remember him? Zacchaeus was a tax man who one day climbed a tree For he was short in stature and said he could not see And yet he had a problem, that mattered even more He didn’t see the … Continue reading

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Domestic bliss at Christmas

Christmas domestic bliss has been in short supply at the Tapper’s ancestral home. Some member’s of the family remember a happy Christmas Day in 1975 but we seem to have been in permanent warfare ever since. This year, the major issues … Continue reading

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Treasury 1 DWP 0 (Steve Webb o.g. 89 minutes)

I wouldn’t like to be Steve Webb this afternoon. Having protested for the past few weeks that the DWP‘s auto-enrolment timeline was carved in stone, we learn today that employers with 3000 or less employees  (for details follow this link!) will have another year or so to … Continue reading

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