Zacchaeus – the short-arsed scammer who came good.


Get out of that tree!

Zacchaeus -Remember him?

Zacchaeus was a tax man who one day climbed a tree

For he was short in stature and said he could not see

And yet he had a problem, that mattered even more

He didn’t see the suffering his greed had caused the poor.


I was frogmarched accross the City yesterday morning to to to the Wesleyan Chapel up Old Street and hear Leslie Griffiths preach. The Methodist Minister not only preached but rapped – which isn’t bad for a 7o year old Welshman.

His line on Zacchaeus was to big up Jesus for seeing Zac in a tree when being mobbed by his fan club. Jesus was also credited with the insight to pick out the social misfit and charm him into giving back his ill gotten gains with a terminal bonus four times the amount he’d overcharged.

That this was a voluntary act (rather than as a result of a kick in the ghoulies from the Palestinian FCA, suggests the biblical position was more velvet glove than iron fist. Andy Agethangelou may feel justified in sitting on the IA working group and getting gip for it. It seems that Jesus got a bad press too – for going out with Zac.

There are too many random touches in the story of Jesus and Zacchaeus for me to think it fiction. It’s not a parable, just a great anecdote that gives us a tidy lesson in how to deal with financial chicanery – wherever we find it.

I don’t suppose we find much michief up a tree these days, but there are plenty like Zacchaeus to be found between my flat and the Wesleyan Chapel.

If you ever find yourself able to get to the City for 11 am on a Sunday, then I recommend you go to Wesley’s Chapel and Leysian Mission.  The linked website has Leslie’s sermons posted here. As an act of contrition for my badness, I am going to be spending a lot of time on this site and in this church.

There’s a fair amount of Zac in me, even if I’m not a short-arse. Full story’s here.







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