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The promotion of financial scams on social media

According to the Transparency Task Force, the only sector of the economy less trusted than the  financial services community is “social media”. And yet many people engage with untrustworthy financial services products (typically offers of crypto-currency or other feasible investments) … Continue reading

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Managing and enjoying our linked in groups

Linked in groups have for over a decade provided ordinary people to do extraordinary things. For me, Pension Play Pen has allowed me to speak to a small circle of friends that has grown to nearly 10,000 people by word … Continue reading

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The making and keeping of friends.

  We had a good conversation in the Olde Bell after racing yesterday about the value of friendship. One of our party was quite methodical in how she cultivated friendship. Acquaintances were granted access to her via linked in from … Continue reading

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Linked in – the predator’s playground

I suspect that your view of the $26bn (£18bn) cash valuation of Linkedin by Microsoft, will depend on whether your a linked in predator or linked in  prey. Linkedin is the Serengeti of the social media world, a (cyber) space … Continue reading

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Let’s play fantasy CIO at NEST!

NEST has invited  all of us to play “fantasy CIO” and create a default investment strategy for its members to and through retirement. If you’re prepared to get to page 118 of the consultation paper, you are asked as question 18 … Continue reading

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Disclosing costs – we are almost there!

The Financial Services Consumer Panel have issued a damning condemnation on the £5tr British Funds Industry for failing to tell people what they are paying for and how much they are paying when they invest their money in British Funds. … Continue reading

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53 not out – but the Grim Reaper is bowling first change

When you are young you regard birthdays as a staging post to growing up. When you are over50 they become markers  to the cemetery These cheery thoughts – “intimations on mortality” as Wordsworth described them, are with me as I listen to Leonard … Continue reading

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Advertising UCIS on Linked In?

I have received an unsolicited email on Linked in I hope you are well. We have a limited opportunity for your client’s to invest in a UK Eco Park Corporate Bond for a 15 month period with a guaranteed interest payment … Continue reading

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The FCA and Social Media (Canute II)

  The FCA have set out their policy on social media which concentrates on the use of Twitter. It is worth a read, if only to establish why the supervision of the internet is as feasible as Canute’s supervision of the … Continue reading

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Pension PlayPen needs your digits.

  Digital marketing is something we’re having to learn as we go along. We’ve got to find 1,000,000 employers who don’t have a workplace pension and convince them of the importance of paying some attention to what their staff invest … Continue reading

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