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The day the world turned orange (II) #GrandNational18

  When I first went to Aintree six years ago, I wrote a blog called “the day the world turned orange”. I had been caught out by the wonderful world of scouse and I’ve been going back to Aintree every … Continue reading

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The Grand National – a race of not taking yourself too seriously!

Thanks to Aintree, a course that has not drunk the Cheltenham Kool-Aid, not sold its soul to corporate hospitality and kept a little sense of humour! The final day of the Grand National Meeting was characterised by brilliant weather. Stella … Continue reading

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We’ve gotta horse!

    The Pension PlayPen is putting together a band of brothers/sisters to buy one and a half legs of a young German racehorse. The horse is called Moonlight Camp which should satisfy on a number of diversity grounds. But … Continue reading

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Ladies Day – Royal Ascot – Proud to be British!

I have in the past poo-pooed Royal Ascot – something I am not proud of. Thanks to a lucky dip win at a raffle, Stella- my partner- had two hospitality tickets for the Thursday of this year’s meeting and we … Continue reading

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Why there is nothing- nothing- like the Cheltenham National Hunt Festival

On Tuesday March 11th, 45 members of the Pension PlayPen group will embark a London Double Decker bus at Paddington, drink and sing our way to Prestbury Park on the northern outskirts of Cheltenham and spend an afternoon in the … Continue reading

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JacktheJouneyman – the PlayPen horse!

JacktheJouneyman raced for the first time at Ludlow yesterday and a hardy cross-section of the Pension PlayPen was there to see him finish fourth. Coming into the home straight the four year old had pulled for most of the race but … Continue reading

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Can a hedge fund make your money prosper?

  Here is a question asked to members of  our Pension Play Pen by Alan Miller. It’s a long question so I’ve broken it down a bit- my answers at the bottom! When you consider predictions (eg LBS’s Dimson & Marsh) … Continue reading

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Jack the Jouneyman; PlayPen nag up for the craic!

Thanks to Eamonn O’Connor, JLT’s top man and our good friend for leasing us his horse. Continue reading

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Britain’s Premier Equine Investment Conference

Thoughts turn to Cheltenham. The Pension Play Pen will decamp there after work this evening . Continue reading

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Why we must get resolution on pension charges

We shouldn’t underestimate the task the 14 members of the ABI have set themselves in promising to fully disclose charges and costs (see previous blog). 14 insurers have made the pledge but there are many insurers that haven’t nor are … Continue reading

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