Ladies Day – Royal Ascot – Proud to be British!

I have in the past poo-pooed Royal Ascot – something I am not proud of. Thanks to a lucky dip win at a raffle, Stella- my partner- had two hospitality tickets for the Thursday of this year’s meeting and we decided to make the most of it by dressing up.

I think we’ve all been there- maybe it’s the best bit of the day!

Soon we were on the train down to Ascot and we were’t alone


10am and on the piss!

We were in the Ascot Village – which is on the Heath.


But soon I snuck into the Royal Enclosure!


It was fun to see King Lir win by a head and be lead back past us.

Ascot 10

But Stella was having trouble as her Fascinator wouldn’t stay in her hair- no head ware , no admittance to the posh bits!

Thankfully, our head waiter leant her his bunny ears!


And Stella and I nipped off for the big race (our shadows before us)

Ascot 11

There’s a posh bit opposite the main stand as well.

Ascot 14

and despite all the rain clouds – the sun shone upon us!

ascot 13

Stella wore her bunny ears – to everyone’s delight!


I hope they didn’t scare the horses!


After the racing we sang round the bandstand and then we went home and we sang on the train!

You know people say we live in a divided society and that may be true. But some days it seems like everyone comes together and had a really good time. The people on our table were great with brick-layers rubbing shoulders with one of the scions of the Derkin empire.

And if one person summed up the new Britain , it was this lady, who decided the best thing to dress her shoulders with were these great tattoos.

Ascot 15

It was sad to wake up in the morning to hear the terrible news about Jo Cox, but I’m posting these photos to remind us that for all the darkness, this country has its sunny side too.

God bless you ma’am.

Ascot 16


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  1. Gerry Flynn says:

    Do you realise that you have more than a passing resemblance to Eric Morecambe in that top picture?

  2. henry tapper says:

    Proud to Gerry!

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