We’ve gotta horse!

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The Pension PlayPen is putting together a band of brothers/sisters to buy one and a half legs of a young German racehorse. The horse is called Moonlight Camp which should satisfy on a number of diversity grounds. But more importantly, he is the perfect equine opportunity for us.

The plan is to put the horse with Neil Mulholland, the brilliant bath trainer, responsible for such recent superstars as Fox Norton and Midnight Chase.

You can read about Neil here http://www.neilmulhollandracing.com/.

The idea is that this horse will be able to run over hurdles over winter and compete in long distance flat races in the summer. If you know about these things, we’ll be aiming him at the Prix Cadrun, the Ascot Gold Cup and other such races. Over hurdles, we have equally high expectations.

This is where you come in. So far just myself and Stella Eastwood are in the Pension PlayPen party. We’ve worked out we will need £3000 from each of us and £150 per month to cover all expected fees for Mr Mulholland. The horse has been purchased by my friend Eamonn O’Connor who is in charge of the other two and a half legs of the horse.

In order for this to work, we are looking to increase our party by four more people (I will not say investors as there is no expectation of any financial return on this). The price to be in the party is £3000 and we’d expect you to pay £150 pm for your share.

That’s the tough part, the good part is that you’ll enjoy the benefits of being a racehorse owner, the ups , the downs and the bits in between! Stella and I have done this before but never with this much excitement. For our horse is a good’un, our racing manager – Mr O’Connor is a fine fellow , our trainer is one of the best and we anticipate many good years of fellowship to come.

  • I appreciate that 9/10 readers will see this as a total WOT – I ask you do no more than pass this by! For the brave, foolish but utterly lovable fools who wish to join Stella, Eamonn and me in this madcap escapade, please drop me (Henry) a line on henry.tapper@pensionplaypen.com or call me on 07785 377768.

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Founder of the Pension PlayPen,, partner of Stella, father of Olly . I am the Pension Plowman
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  1. Christine Brightwell says:

    Very nice – but I already have a horse! and she costs a fortune to keep in lotions and potions, feed and wardrobe requirements. Best of luck to you though, it sounds a very posh horse you have there

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