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The best friend investors have never heard of (Robin Powell)

By ROBIN POWELL @RobinJPowell He’s arguably done more to advance the cause of ordinary investors than anyone except the late Jack Bogle. And the chances are you’ve probably never heard of him. His name is Jerry Schlichter, and he’s the … Continue reading

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Looking at it Robin Powell’s way

I’ve long admired the journalist Robin Powell for his clear insights. Lately he’s taken to writing little stories to illustrate the points he is making. He has written a series of pieces , the rest of which you can find … Continue reading

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The conflicts of interest facing pension trustees

  Robin Powell of the Evidenced Based Investor, interviewed me this week. You can find the original interview here, Robin’s work is important, I hope a few readers will come to his seminar- advertised at the bottom of this piece. … Continue reading

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Why funds should be free!

My friend Robin Powell has produced a series of disruptive info graphics around comments he’s garnered following Fidelity’s announcement of “free funds”. He’s also written a good blog on the subject. Of course “free funds” is a disruptive idea and … Continue reading

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