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The conflicts of interest facing pension trustees

  Robin Powell of the Evidenced Based Investor, interviewed me this week. You can find the original interview here, Robin’s work is important, I hope a few readers will come to his seminar- advertised at the bottom of this piece. … Continue reading

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Investing can now be “free” – here’s how.

I was sitting in a room of a leading asset manager yesterday listening to the yada yada. I’d needlessly put myself under a non-disclosure agreement but it was clear that there was no real news, so I thought I’d mention … Continue reading

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Should fund managers spend more time on the beach?

I’ve known Nicola Ralston a few years, she’s not someone I’d go into battle with. She’s written a good letter in the FT, which – if you don’t pay to read – you wouldn’t otherwise have seen. It’s here on … Continue reading

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Fund managers -Norma Cohen is still watching!

  The great British financial journalist Norma Cohen rarely publishes in the FT these days, when she does, it is to great effect. This week she published a quiet and thoughtful piece on the impact MIFID II is having on … Continue reading

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The Care-taker

The Caretaker or janitor was a familiar figure in apartment blocks until recently. Their demise has coincided with the advent of outsourced facilities management. Listening to the National Association of Fire Door manufacturers calling this morning for a single accountable … Continue reading

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Why we have actively managed funds

The FCA’s Asset Market Study is written with certain corrective bias’ and it should not be taken as the last word on the active/passive debate. A central focus is on the allocation of savings, particularly long-term retirement savings, to active … Continue reading

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Michael Johnson – 80% of fund management industry is redundant

Michael Johnson has responded to the FCA’s Asset Management Study for the Centre for Policy Studies. Here  is his paper is in full. SUMMARY The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is to be congratulated on its recent interim Asset Management Market Study. … Continue reading

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Terry Smith – What I have learned from Fundsmith in the Past Five Years

Fundsmith is my favourite fund manager. Like Aberdeen (another favourite whose conference I’m going to today), it is an organisation with a strong purpose (moral and social). Terry Smith is an extraordinary man who’s views are always worth reading. He … Continue reading

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Why this carnage at the Investment Association?

I think I owe Daniel Godfrey an apology. I met him on a couple of occasions and he impressed upon me he was serious about transparency of cost and charges. I didn’t believe him- or at least I thought he … Continue reading

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Knowing the “money” in “value for money”.

At last we may get to know what we really pay for the management of our funds so we can work out it it’s worth it. Continue reading

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