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“I felt I’d helped”

What I am most keen to do, is to make sure that the pride that drove the simple words “I felt I helped”, is remembered and used by the youngsters when times get tough again.

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Make NEST the dustbin of our pension dreams?

We all like the idea of having all our retirement funds in a big pot which we can manage efficiently and value easily. But not at any price! This link takes you to a version of Aegon’s submission to Government on “operation … Continue reading

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The kids are more right

We all move at different speeds; some of us use the web like our front room and share it with others without a second thought. Some of us see the web and the social sites with fear and loathing. I listened … Continue reading

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How digitization is changing our lives

Here is a good presentation from Booz & Co  Watch the video by pressing the link. To those on the cutting edge – this is old hat. But there is a lag between what’s happening on the edge and how the rest of … Continue reading

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#Fanpowerstadium Yeovil Town

I once thought if you blew hear enough in a certain direction you would create a vacuum between you and your breath into which your body would move so that eventually you would end up where you blew. This idea … Continue reading

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Hose down RBS and Coutts before you put them on the forecourt.

There is a Coutts cash point in my high street – Eton High Street. It charges other bank’s customers for the privilege of using it. You can do that if you have the banking cachet that Coutts believes it has. Most … Continue reading

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We don’t follow the Bournemouth.

For most of my life, I supported AFC Bournemouth (or Bournemouth and Boscombe FC as they were). I switched my allegiance to Yeovil some eight years ago , disgusted by the goings on at the club. My brother Greg persisted but on … Continue reading

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Steve Webb’s good week

Now anyone who can talk of a “regulatory regime which allows 1000 flowers to bloom” has got to have been taking the happy pills. Continue reading

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It’s not what you say – it’s what you do!

Here is a heart warming story about a man named Barry who works for Kwikfit in Brentford. He is the the hero of this blog – there are some nameless villains but they shall be forgotten – this blog is about Barry. About … Continue reading

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Now more than ever we need to remember why universal benefits are important

Now more than ever we need to remember why universal benefits are important.

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