How digitization is changing our lives

Here is a good presentation from Booz & Co  Watch the video by pressing the link.

To those on the cutting edge – this is old hat. But there is a lag between what’s happening on the edge and how the rest of us “catch up”.

I’d go so far as saying that most of us cannot digest what has happened let alone anticipate what might be happening tomorrow.

I experienced this lag on Monday when I presented to a small group of pensions people. I was sixth presenter in an afternoon of power point presentations, many of which had been delivered through hand-outs because the early presenters did not have access to a lap-top.

I did a Prezi, if you have signed up to Prezi you can find it here

During the presentation I felt the gap between where I wanted people to be and where they felt comfortable and to be honest I didn’t feel I was taking people with me. In fact I felt I was alienating people.

The ideas which I was trying to get over were drowned out by the noise of the Prezi and what questions there were, were about the presentation kit.

I have a similar problem with some of the people I work with who are suspicious of my blogging, tweeting and posting. Over time I hope I can win them over but right now I know I come across as scary.

As an  extrovert, I recognise my behaviour is polarising opinion and I know that I am sometimes used as an example of “social media gone wrong”.

All of this is a little dispiriting, but only a little.

In the wider scheme of things, the digital dividend that we are benefiting from so outweighs the discomfort of change that I feel there is no alternative but to press on.

If you haven’t already watched the video, go back to the beginning of this blog and do so. It is only four minutes long , it is inspirational and I hope it will leave you more rather than less comfortable with the way digitization is changing the way we live, work and treat our planet.

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4 Responses to How digitization is changing our lives

  1. Nigel Heaton says:


    I looked at your Prezi earlier this week, ie before you delivered it, so I am interested in the feedback you had. Whilst at the PMI Spring Conference last week there was much discussion about the fact that our industry needs to embrace social media. I agree completely but it is vitally important that we don’t use any communication channel, be it Twitter, LinkedIn, Prezi, PowerPoint, QR codes or whatever, just for the sake of it and because we have learnt how to. I did see some evidence of this last week.

    It is vital that we address communications in the following order:

    1. The objective/message, ie what action do we want people to take? eg do we want people to learn from us, buy from us, take positive action (such as sign up) or avoid something?
    2. The design/layout/presentation of the message and how can we best use this to achieve 1 above
    3. The media to use to best achieve 1 and 2

    • henry tapper says:


      In retrospect- I think I was more interested in impressing people with the style of the delivery than the objective of the message (eg what people would do with the information when they left the room).

      I may be wrong but this seemed a case of social media gone wrong.

      That said, I think that Prezi has much to offer but it needs to be managed rather better than I did on this occasion.

      Interested in further feedback

      • Nigel Heaton says:


        I do agree Prezi could be very useful. Also the design of what you were doing looks great. I guess I was subtly trying to say that just reading it, I wasn’t sure what message you were trying to convey even if it was interesting. I wasn’t there so I couldn’t comment further!

        At PMI last week, I did get the impression that a large part of our industry is starting to ‘get’ the social media thing but there is a real danger that we just address points 2 and / or 3 in my first list but forget about 1. The objective has to be the first priority. In presentations / meetings and even for individuals sat in front of their SmartPhone or PC, everyone is thinking ‘why should I watch / listen to this and what do they expect to me to do with this new info?’

        Last week I sat there thinking that we’ll probably just end up drafting the same old content-heavy material for our members and put it on social media rather than on paper. At least it’s easier and more environmentall- friendly to get rid of.


  2. Martin says:

    Thanks Henry. The video makes some good points although I found the visual format slightly hard to follow. I agree that we don’t yet fully understand the implications of this digital revolution and anyway it has a lot further yet to go. If it turns out that the Arab Spring was indeed largely initiated and fed by social networking then the impact can indeed be earth shattering.

    All my working life I have been promoting new technology in the work place; first the pcs themselves then office networks, email, company websites and now social networking. Many would ask “what do we need it for”, and my answer had to be “I don’t know, but it’s the future”. And so with social networking, and actually Henry I hold you out as a positive example of what can be achieved. Yes I don’t get all of your tweets but no matter, when someone is pushing out the boundaries sometimes they step over the edge.

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