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The NHS is at peak capacity – read the data on ICUs and staffing

This excellent thread is required reading, read to the tenth and final tweet to understand the threat to the NHS and patients, from misinformation. Sitrep: situation report. This is what we call our daily briefings right now. Here’s mine. We … Continue reading

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Lecture: ‘Can CDC turn base metal into pensions gold?’ by John Ralfe

That friend to financial economics and foe to open pension schemes, John Ralfe, is delivering a public lecture on CDC on February 23rd. Register here for my @ImperialBiz on-line lecture. What does CDC “inter-generational risk sharing” really mean? How … Continue reading

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The Treasury’s review of funds should remember all who use them!

The Government faces four particular challenges in its regulation and promotion of the UK asset management industry. It has much to lose and little to gain from change – Britain is Europe’s largest asset management hub and the disruption of … Continue reading

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Wishful thinking (why are we so gullible?)

People are clearly having trouble occupying their time.  With bank accounts bloated  with unspent wages, many are taking to Reddit to do battle with hedge fund managers. I see one or two in WeWork as I stare in on my … Continue reading

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Still no evidence that pots are becoming pensions!

There’s not been much discussion about the HMRC’s latest update on what’s being drawn down from  our pensions and what there has been has interpreted the data differently. Alistair Mcqueen has tweeted positively New pension freedom data out today. Total … Continue reading

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Wrong in the right way – LGIM are right in everything but their conclusions

RIP’s or investment pathways as they are more commonly known, don’t default you into a course of action but ask you to choose between four courses of action (with the option to do whatever you like as a fifth). They … Continue reading

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Why mandating TCFD reporting is a game changer.

The DWP’s proposals to insist that pension schemes set targets and use standard measures to report on the impact of the money they invest makes sense. But like the few radical interventions that work (think auto-enrolment), it is likely to … Continue reading

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“Comply or die” – the DWP gets tough on climate change

DWP calls on pensions to embrace not just comply with tough climate change rules Pension schemes face a significant challenge over the next twenty years. Whether they see that challenge as complying with a series of edicts from Government , … Continue reading

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How vaccines are delivered – expert questions – expert answers.

Vaccines– Dosing Schedules By Nicola Oliver and Josephine Robertson COVID-19 Actuaries Response Group – Learn. Share. Educate. Influence. Summary Around the globe we have been keenly watching and waiting for the development, production, and delivery of vaccines. Now that … Continue reading

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Maintenance payments are not a benefit, they are a carer’s and a child’s right

This article’s about the payment of child maintenance, something I did for 20 years. To me it is the very first priority of a paying parent as it is the lifeline for the carer and the child. You can read … Continue reading

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