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UK Pensions – How Lucky We Are

We should be proud of our pension system and I for one go into 2011 believing that America and other nations can look to the UK for leadership in this field. Continue reading

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Peter Freebody (1934-2010)

Peter died in his kitchen from a heart attack at the age of 76. It was just before Christmas.

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Gavin Henson – a proper father

Gavin Henson – a proper father.

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Trans-global joy

The best part of the Christmas story was the Magi rocking up at Bethlehem following a global sat nav and a lot of hope..

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A Christmas message of hope for your pension

Since there is no obvious pressure on companies to renegotiate charges for their employees , I see no obvious reason why pension charges will fall. Unless that is, voices such as the RSA are heard.

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Don’t put your house on it

Of course with pensions the outcomes are not so polarised- you don’t lose all if your horse doesn’t win. But the stakes are much higher- when you annuitise you are betting your standard of living for the rest of your life.

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An overdue consultation

We have the right to ask a simple question back to Government- why weren’t we asked these questions before?
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Playpen wine tasting – the photos

Playpen wine tasting- the photos Continue reading

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Play boys- play girls

  Play pen parties rock – big up to all! Snow and ice cannot stop us having fun. Huge thankyou to all who could and all who couldn’t – Dick Strattan – legend – honour and a privilege to share a room when … Continue reading

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Gangsters appoint gangsters shock.

What profiteth it a man if he gains the whole wide world and loses his soul?

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