Gangsters appoint gangsters shock.

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It’s a matter of lack of integrity-stupid!

What profiteth it a man if he gains the whole wide world and loses his soul?

The further you dig into the cess-pit of FIFA politics, the harder it is to see us anything but gullible – naive and stupid.

We truly believed we had the best all round package

Well so did I -till I discovered porn.

So let’s stop digging. A couple of weeks ago , nobody was thinking about  this stupid process – which is probably part of our problem.  Let’s walk away from this farrago with some dignity intact.

The Prince, the playboy and the prat strutted their stuff – together with Eddie the stooge. They did a good job – big deal – we all do good jobs.

No doubt , the spin-doctors will be grinding their teeth with frustration that they were so ill-briefed.

The press are being castigated for doing a good job – but in a couple of weeks we’ll be thanking them for exercising some kind of honesty and not caving into the craven standards of the bidders.

We are being asked to change the corporate governance of our football structure – to satisfy the lack of governance of FIFA – side issues like the sectional interests of FA v Premiership are irrelevent.

Forget it;- FIFA are fundamentally corrupt. Walk away guys …..just walk away.

You’ve got to feel sorry for the people of Plymouth and Sunderland, led up the garden path into believing we had a chance. We didn’t have a chance. 

Gangsters appointed gangsters – end of.

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