Play boys- play girls


Play pen parties rock – big up to all!

Snow and ice cannot stop us having fun.

Huge thankyou to all who could and all who couldn’t –

Dick Strattan – legend – honour and a privilege to share a room when you hit those ivories.

Graham Forrest-Jones; welcome back to reality – your duo with Dick was something

Missy Elliot– babe you are just so gorgeous

Jenny D- Stuart  -D  got some proper wine in the end!    the couple with everything DD

Simon Kew– the Jackal has the best voive in the playpen– what a gent

Andrew Caird– for a truly magnificent “blowing bubbles”

Triangle Simon-  what a hero and the man who remembered the words

Ben “how did you get home” Mulroney-how did you get home Mulroney?

Keith the boss Williams– da boss can sing- cracks me up- how can I work for this man again!

Una King for Taoisoch

Giulliana (rhymes with banana) Bruce only champagne will do!

Chris Armitage – an institution!

Tony Woodward – the bemused look!

Wallace chillidog3- do you ever not smile? I smile just thinking of you mate!


To those who didn’t make it for the pies up but made it to the club

Celene Leeeeee – actuary   so good to understand why I need iESG

Victor- good to meet you- get in the Pension Playpen mate!

Doratheee – Dig the Burne-Jones hairdo! Into the Playpen with you too!

Rob Gardner -hope you had as good a supper as we did Rob- bring the missus next time!

Clair Hood – have we ever met when I haven’t made a fool of myself?
Chris Vaughan – When all around are losing theirs ;- the only calm and sensible person left standing!

And for those who tried and tried and tried – and couldn’t

Judith Donnelly – next time – you were first in and in our thoughts!

Bill Whitehead – our Treasurer who did so much to make this happen and got stuck in a snowdrift outside Sevenoaks– sadly missed
Jennifer Stillman – who went to Lisbon and was turned over by some dodgy Spanish air traffic controllers – sadly missed- we know you tried and we’re gutted for you
Steve Power – it just wasn’t mean to be eh steve!
Lorraine Harper – who forgave me for missing her off the list – stuck in East Anglia
Peter Weiner – Sorry you couldn’t make it – thanks for the line
Nigel Ferrier – such a shame – we all owe you for those photos!

Andy Leggett – stuck in Ipswich- thanks for the call
Suzanne Gordon-Brown ; nightmare- we so wanted to see you
Suzie Burrell

• Sinharay is me! The perils of having two surnames to choose from!

Big Phil Redding– stuck in Madrid – hope you ‘ve made it back – thanks for trying


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Founder of the Pension PlayPen,, partner of Stella, father of Olly . I am the Pension Plowman
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