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The smallest Steps (guest blog by Ben Barrett)- Yeovil Town FC

I am positive and will be doing everything I can do persuade others that we can make some progression. We have a stronger squad that at this stage in any recent season, we have a management team which are no longer inexperienced and a hungry young squad eager to impress.This could be our best chance to make an impact on the league in a long time.

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Pensioner poverty- higher taxes or auto-enrolment?

We are chosing to put clever pension ideas in front of boring but sane collective provision as Beveridge originally conceived.
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Wacky races, corporate governance and Mr Hayward’s boat.

“Brand”,opined my former CEO, “is what we aspire to be, or at least to be seen as being”. I guess this is the actuarial equivalent of “corporate identity” which is the accounting version and refers to what you actually are. Continue reading

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The German Grand Prix and fixed results

I have no doubt that Ferrari will have to bow to the pressure of the spectators who demand “racing” not team orders. Senior Executives who forget their wider stakeholders would do well to learn that the media by which their decisions are judged is now truly “social”. Continue reading

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Insurers at war

You’d have thought that the “last men standing”, the insurers – Zurich, Friends,Scottish Widows and Standard Life and the asset managers Blackrock, HSBC and Fidelity (themselves trading as insurers) would now concentrate on the serious business of filling the gap left by the collapse in DB accrual. However they have bigger ideas.

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Gavin Henson – a proper father

Gavin Henson has a reputation for being vain and consequently superficial. He may be vain but he is not superficial.
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Neurosis on the web..

Ultimately, social media is just a more effecient means of conversing , something we cannot avoid and something that we have to experience through trial and error It cannot be taught-it can only be learned Continue reading

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Social Media – Means the World to Me (via Social [Media] Butterflies)

I think the quote from Rupert Murdoch most telling. In the weeks ahead you can expect to see organisations such as the FT launching social media websites in an attempt to catch up with a revolution in communication. I suspect … Continue reading

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Long Hot Summer

It’s time for level heads Continue reading

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Predicting winners

I have given up getting angry at occasional racegoers who pick a string of winners based on the colour of jockey’s silks, name of horse etc… Continue reading

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