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A pension is a bleeding pension – pass me the aspirin!

  After a night at my old college reminiscing with Huw Davies about rugby 40 years ago, I admit to having a slightly jaundiced view of the world this morning! (Huw played a few games for my college team when … Continue reading

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Martin “chariot” Offiah is why we sing the song .

It’s been a mystery to me these 30 years, why we sing Swing Low to England. Read the BBC article on the link to get the full story, but a bit of context. Back in 1987 rugby was mainly played … Continue reading

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I wonder about schools rugby.

As I wondered around my old school – Bryanston – I felt nostalgia for the late 70s (when I was a pupil), wonder for the educational business I was being shown and fright at the conclusions I was drawing with … Continue reading

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When a draw feels like a win

I am sure I’m not alone in wondering why drawing the test series against the All Blacks is a bad thing for the Lions , for Britain , for Ireland or for rugby. The British and Irish Lions is one … Continue reading

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As I seem to spend most of this weekend commuting from Central London to Eton on trains running through Twickenham, I have not been able to avoid the rugby world cup. I now know that West London is populated  entirely by Kiwis, Boks and Aussies … Continue reading

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What do England rugby fans do now?

  Simple answer – switch to supporting our national game! If Wayne Rooney had been born in Eire he’d have been the Irish #10 , competing with Dave Sexton, because that’s what the finest sportsmen in Ireland and NewZealand and … Continue reading

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Banahan, Burgess and a Bath night out!

  Most of this winter has been spent watching Yeovil Town lose, with the prospect of a home cup tie against Man Utd looming, I’ll be traipsing down to the Huish on Tuesday night to will them to a rare … Continue reading

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Gavin Henson – a proper father

Gavin Henson has a reputation for being vain and consequently superficial. He may be vain but he is not superficial.
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And then the sun came out.

As a nation we are getting better, as a City London has got better. We are now a shining example to all cities in the world of how to tolerate, integrate and ultimately not even notice the differing groups who form part of our wonderful wonderful city.

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