Long Hot Summer

Funny how a song you haven’t listened to for 30 years ago is triggered by a series of circumstances.

In 1978 we were only nine years on from 1969 but kids like me ( I was 17) had short hair cuts and listened to the Clash not Hendrix, 1978 was not the summer of love,

Tom Robinson wrote a song called Long Hot Summer, wound up by frustration at being gay, being left wing and living in London at a time of social and political change which was to bring in the Thatcher years.

Left wing ideology was stubbed out within five years. It has smouldered like an unsmoked fag ever since.

The recession wrecked capital, the recovery will wreck lives. We will see unprecedented unemployment, rising interest rates, falling living standards and increased political and social unrest as this summer roles on.

It’s time for level heads.

It’s time for

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