Social Media – Means the World to Me (via Social [Media] Butterflies)

I think the quote from Rupert Murdoch most telling.

In the weeks ahead you can expect to see organisations such as the FT launching social media websites in an attempt to catch up with a revolution in communication.

I suspect that they will struggle to use their brands to take back business from sites which have grown from consumer demand -take as an example.

Social Media - Means the World to Me Image by thefost via Flickr When I was asked today on camera by Madame Flutterby herself  "What does Social Media mean to you?" I answered off the top of my head and instantly – It Means the World to Me! This may sound trite and perhaps sarcastic – but I mean it! Social Media means the world on so many fronts. For a start Access to the World geographically and demographically.  This week on LinkedIn I hit 10 million plus in my Three Degrees. What … Read More

via Social [Media] Butterflies

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