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Step up or back off – don’t fudge AE for off-payroll workers!

Yesterday I asked “had HMRC solved the AE off -payroll puzzle” and a great number of people have read and opined and generally agreed that they hadn’t – and they were right. The Pensions Regulator, to its credit, has responded … Continue reading

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Why advisers aren’t getting paid for auto-enrolment

    Amidst the back slapping as we pass 5m auto-enrolled into workplace pensions you hear little rejoicing from financial advisers. The majority we speak to are avoiding auto-enrolment for one reason- they can’t get paid for what they do. … Continue reading

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Can advisers make money from auto-enrolment?

Almost every day I get a call from an advisory firm having trouble recovering costs from advising on auto-enrolment. The problems are less to do with pricing than getting paid. |I’ve been thinking about all the issues that we’ve had … Continue reading

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Pensions for start-ups – you having a laugh?

Well “no” actually! This article sets out to explain why even the youngest of companies should be planning for pensions. Pension planning isn’t top of the list for entrepreneurs, most hope their business will become their pension. But there are good … Continue reading

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Steve Webb – a new model politician?

    Let me declare an interest, I am a Liberal, born into a Liberal family in a part of the world where Liberalism is the natural opposition to conservatism. Steve Webb is from that part of the world, his … Continue reading

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I was so much older then (I’m younger than that now)

Thank goodness for kids- kid journalists for a start. There is a gang on young journos who actually give a damn about the pensions they are in and are prepared to engage and educate themselves about what makes for a … Continue reading

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Auto-enrolment needs common data standards!

  At a recent meeting of the CIPP’s working group “The Friends of AE”, (FoAE) concern was expressed to Pensions Minister Steve Webb that without the introduction of a common data standards, the wheels might fall off auto-enrolment. According to … Continue reading

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Tomorrow’s heroes; these are the folk who will solve the AE Capacity crunch

  We’ve been doing some planning at Pension PlayPen towers . Most of our thinking is concentrated on this graph. We predict the capacity crunch at April 2015 which is the point when demand for auto-enrolment services and workplace pensions … Continue reading

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When AE collaborations are a cop-out.

AE Collaborations such as those advertised in Pensions Extra last week are a “neat fusion” according to Zurich’s Stephen Leffley. Barnett Waddingham’s Damian Stancombe admits their collaboration with Standard Life was driven by providers cherry-picking but stresses “at the very … Continue reading

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Pensioner poverty- higher taxes or auto-enrolment?

We are chosing to put clever pension ideas in front of boring but sane collective provision as Beveridge originally conceived.
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