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Bosses + trustees talk “pension choices” too!

This blog looks at what the FCA is planning to do to regulate the way unadvised drawdown plans are presented to customers. This follows the publication on a further policy paper from the FCA – CP 19/21 The point of … Continue reading

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Do we have to wait for the car crash, before we mend the road? CP19/25

Around £12bn worth of DB pension pots could have been subjected to poor transfer advice, based on these FCA figures. This is over one year alone. — Josephine Cumbo (@JosephineCumbo) July 30, 2019 It is now too late to … Continue reading

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Transfers + workplace pensions;- RU64 2.0

Have a look at chapter 4 of CP 19-25   Ongoing conflicts of interest We are proposing strengthening our existing requirements that advisers giving pension transfer advice should consider an available workplace pension as a receiving scheme for a transfer … Continue reading

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FCA set to ban contingent charging

BREAKING: FCA to ban contingent charging — Maria Espadinha (@Maria_Espadinha) July 30, 2019 The Financial conduct Authority (FCA) is consulting on a ban on contingent charging on defined benefit (DB) transfer advice. In a paper published this morning the FCA … Continue reading

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Get rich slow – especially if you’re Greg and Amber

Congratulations Amber, Greg (and Jayden) In a shameless attempt to attract younger readers to this boring blog, I publish this picture of 16-34s favourite, Greg and Amber. Love Island winners, they’ve dominated the twittersphere for 8 weeks with 4.3m viewers … Continue reading

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Why it’s good Rudd/Opperman stayed put.

  Contrary to all the rumours – Guy Opperman and Amber Rudd are still in position and Britain has some unexpected continuity in its pension policy making. I was asked last week to comment to a group of civil servants … Continue reading

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The choices Hobson gives us at retirement

  I’ve been thinking about my options with my DC pension pot. Do I continue to want my money exposed to market risk , do I take an annuity rate depressed by quantitative easing or do I sit on a … Continue reading

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The tawdry state of DC cost disclosure

  NOW pensions, perhaps tired of being labelled the pariah of master trusts has come out fighting with the following table which shows in certain circumstances, their charging structure provides good outcomes, investment returns being even. Because of the peculiar … Continue reading

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Happy being part of the crowd!

Robin Powell – the evidence based investor – has produced a very simple explanation of why the valuations of stocks are 90% right. You can read it here. It’s based on the ask the audience responses to who want to … Continue reading

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Woodford gives pension schemes a chance to shine

On the face of it, the gating of the Woodford Equity Income (WEI) fund is bad news. But how many pension funds have exposure to it? I know of one or two fund platforms but for the vast majority of … Continue reading

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