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“We have a financial literacy problem, not a product scarcity problem!”.

This article is about what we can learn from Australia about “choice architecture” and how we can avoid leaving the important policy decisions too late, as I believe the Australians have done. As she learns the ropes, I hope that … Continue reading

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DWP announces “Game on” for savers looking to turn pots to pensions

With immaculate timing, the DWP launched its latest consultation on how to establish the choice architecture and expand the decumulation options for members retiring from occupational schemes. Or to use language that people understand “how we get paid by¬† our … Continue reading

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Bosses + trustees talk “pension choices” too!

This blog looks at what the FCA is planning to do to regulate the way unadvised drawdown plans are presented to customers. This follows the publication on a further policy paper from the FCA – CP 19/21 The point of … Continue reading

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