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Pension Bee wish “superfunds” well – but “potty pots” aren’t for their savers yet!

Pension Bee put out a statement on proposals to overhaul the UK pension system which make sense of a lot of noise. Here’s what the Queen Bee, Romi Savova is saying, “For Defined Benefit pensions, the proposals put forward by … Continue reading

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The Netherlands have a new pension bed to rely on.

According to the Mercer Index of the world’s top rated pension systems, the Netherlands is ranked #2, with only mini-Iceland above it Mercer describe the Netherlands as having “a first-class and robust retirement income system that delivers good benefits, is … Continue reading

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Lang Cat Mike spills the cream; Pension PlayPen – Today -10.30

  Get the prequel Lang Cat launched The Advice Gap 2023 last week. It’s one of their  biggest papers and is certainly worth douze of anyone’s pwan.  Download it here That’s enough ads-ed Ok that’s the ad 0ver. But in the spirit … Continue reading

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Do pension superfunds have super powers?

Do pension superfunds have super-powers? The phrase “pension superfund” has been hijacked by the Tony Blair Institute to mean a not for profit investment fund that swallows up pension money from DB , DC from the PPF and maybe the … Continue reading

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The pension investment debate – where we have got to?

Pensions are now center-stage in Britain’s economic debate. The assets within our DC and DB pension systems are openly discussed by politicians , the think-tanks and in the press. The immediate future of UK pensions has been opened to debate … Continue reading

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Blair’s proposals for pensions may not be taken seriously, but they will have an impact.

  The UK’s pension-savings system is broken and long overdue for sweeping change. Over the past 20 years, this country has seen the abandonment of investment in the domestic economy by United Kingdom pension funds, with the almost total liquidation … Continue reading

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People will pay for things they understand and value.

Thanks to over 1000 people who took time out of their bank holiday Sunday to read my blogs firstly ripping into Nico and Darren’s latest podcast and subsequently apologising for the two footed tackle. You’ll excuse me for going back … Continue reading

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Will the PLSA recognise the pension investment agenda has changed?

For a second time in a row, a PLSA  Conference will take place at a time of national debate about the impact of pension investment on the economy. The last Conference in October coincided with the BOE’s purchase period of … Continue reading

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So good for Luton Town!

Luton’s not much of a place, but neither is Yeovil. I’ve been to Kenilworth Rd twice – to watch the two play. I never expected to be watching the greatest club sides in the world play there, but that’s what … Continue reading

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I have offended friends – that shouldn’t happen.

I have offended my friend Darren Philp using this blog to characterise he and Nico Aspinall as pension’s Chuckle brothers. I’ve ripped into Nico for being a pensions patrician and criticised a bunch of well meaning pension companies for creating … Continue reading

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