So good for Luton Town!

Luton’s not much of a place, but neither is Yeovil. I’ve been to Kenilworth Rd twice – to watch the two play. I never expected to be watching the greatest club sides in the world play there, but that’s what will happen next season.

I didn’t see much of the game yesterday but listened as I travelled. Tom Lockyer’s collapse was terrible to listen to on the radio but worse still to watch on catch-up. I like this shot much better!

Luton lights up hope for teams like mine. We can dream their dream but getting promoted from National Conference to Premier League is a lot harder than blogging about it.

I caught the penalties and the celebrations after. I watched the fight at the Vitality and thought of how Bournemouth were resorting to bucket collections to keep going a few years back.

Then there’s Tom Lockyer , captain now of a Premier League side though who knows what all those pads attached to him will tell him.

I wish him well , I hope he gets to see this fabulous May day and gets home soon!

Well done Luton, you’ve done yourselves proud.  Coventry, your time will come!

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  1. Con Keating says:

    Living in Coventry, there’s not a lot to celebrate this morning.

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