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British criminals, British victims, British pensions – why must justice come from Spain?

I should’t be having to post about this court case in Spain. This court case would have been avoided if those responsible for the victimisation of savers had been summarily dealt with by the criminal courts many years ago. It … Continue reading

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What do savers and pensioners say on climate change?

  Three events have dominated my news this week The impact of Coronavirus on people, events and financial markets The ruling against Heathrow’s third runway interventions by the DWP to ensure schemes measure and mange their carbon footprint. The arguments … Continue reading

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Putting two fingers up to DWP may end badly for TPR.

  Earlier this month, UKSIF published what is looking a very influential report on how trust based DC schemes  are facing up to the issues of climate change and wider ESG considerations. It didn’t mince its words Pension scheme trustees’ … Continue reading

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From open banking to pension dashboards!

  More than 75% of the British population want to see and manage their pensions in one place. In 2015 the Government promised us a pension dashboard, why have we still not got one and how can we use the … Continue reading

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If you’re in the market – you stay there.

Yesterday afternoon I walked into the office of an asset manager whose funds are used in the “wealth sector”. The meeting didn’t take very long, the poor fellow was counting the seconds till he could get back to his screens … Continue reading

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Will MAPS “Challenge Groups” challenge?

I am “delighted” to say I am not part of the Money and Pensions latest strategic initiative and have not been invited to lead or join any of their new challenge groups as detailed on their website. I don’t think … Continue reading

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Do we long-term care?

There’s an elderly care crisis in the UK. Action must be taken now, or the country’s ability to look after elderly people will collapse by 2029. Our report with @cebr_uk looks at why this has happened, and what we can … Continue reading

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“Asleep at the wheel” The Millers catalogue our regulatory woes.

Campaigner Gina Miller is asking for an  Independent Review of the Appointment of the Next Governor of the Bank of England and the FCA in the Face of a Catalogue of Regulatory Failures Leading to Catastrophic Consumer Detriment The True … Continue reading

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Let’s not slide back into the swamp!

After what they must consider a “decent period”, the insurers and the bankers have reappeared from the slimy depths like Grendel out to wreak revenge on consumers protected too long by Europe. The insurance and pensions industry is calling for … Continue reading

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Jennifer Davidson asks whether stock-lending’s responsible investment?

Someone told me yesterday that successful people read and failures watch TV. I read this article with the TV on in the background, I can’t remember what was on but the article grabbed me and it grabbed me again when … Continue reading

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