British criminals, British victims, British pensions – why must justice come from Spain?

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I should’t be having to post about this court case in Spain.

This court case would have been avoided if those responsible for the victimisation of savers had been summarily dealt with by the criminal courts many years ago.

It should not have been necessary for this case to have been brought by Angie Brooks and it should not need the Daily Mail, Andy Agethangelou and the Transparency Task Force or indeed this blog to bring this issue to light.

This matter should have been pursued and publicised by the UK authorities , working with European counter-parties.

Instead, the notorious perpetrators of repeated scams are being prosecuted in Spain.

What you can do to change things

As Andy’s post points out, the Transparency Task Force continues to shed light on these issues and if you want to get involved in the next event on scams , it is on April 23rd and you can book your place by contacting

But most especially you , as readers of this blog, can help stop scams by teaching yourselves and others about how scamming works and how to prevent it.

The Pensions Regulator’s pages on how to prevent and avoid scams are now good

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Martin Lewis’ last program on scams was particularly good, he speaks as someone who has done much to clean up Facebook and we owe him a debt of thanks, you can watch him via this link.

I shouldn’t have to be writing this….

But for the ladies and gents in the picture (most of whom I’ve met), these warnings have come too late. They are the victims of scams and they at last have a day in court.

It’s the wrong day and the wrong court but with the help of Angie, Tom and Andy, they may get some justice.

Not much credit goes to the UK authorities for this.

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4 Responses to British criminals, British victims, British pensions – why must justice come from Spain?

  1. Dr Robin Rowles says:

    I have always been puzzled, Henry, as to why not only, as you said, the authorities don’t pursue the scanners, but also why the authorities/government do things that actually make it so easy for the scammers…..

  2. Dr Laurence Sutton says:

    Can some one tell me about Angie Brooks? She was featured on radio 4 last week and portrayed as a scammer. What is going on? I had entrusted her to work on behalf of my brother and sister in law but is appears perhaps I have been duped.

    Angie Brooks has made no public response on her website, or sent a letter to her clients.

    Many thanks Laurence Sutton

    • henry tapper says:

      Hi Laurence- yes I heard the You and Yours and yes I know Angie and have supported her work over the years. I continue to see her as a force for good but she needs to make more progress on some fronts . I do not think you have been duped

      • Ivo Sharpe says:

        Sadly – the facts prove differntly
        I have personal experience of Angie and her work – and can confirm that all the BBC claims are correct

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