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“Out of office” for ever?

How can I afford to go on holiday for the rest of my life? It’s an awkward question that most of us put off till it’s too late. It’s why there’s all this talk of pension dashboards, the Government wants … Continue reading

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SJP’s human shield

Will Robbins has followed up Elliot Smith’s brilliant expose of SJP’s fund profiteering by publishing the highlights of an interview with SJP’s front man – Chris Ralfe. I strongly recommend you read both pieces. What they reveal is the “ours by right” … Continue reading

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Does “People Power” make for better pensions?

When we know nothing we take advice before deciding… Conventional wisdom tells us that advisers tell employers and employers (or their trustees) tell staff. Staff get what they’re given because bosses know better and advisers know best.   But what … Continue reading

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