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Let’s stop blaming everybody else!

  Blame the Crossfit CEO, blame Sainsburys, blame Peter Shilton and blame Little Britain. The twitter hits of the day are consistently pointing fingers at others for the state we’re in. Thankfully we aren’t blamin Prince Philip who is 99 … Continue reading

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“Educated beyond their intelligence”

Denis Skinner’s recent gibe at Tory Ministers ,and George Osborne in particular, is brilliant (even if the phrase was coined by another). For me- it will be a defining epithet for the coalition- it sums up the best and worst … Continue reading

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Annuity – RIP

  I guess the moment I heard the news on the scrapping of compulsory annuities will stick in the memory like the moment I heard of the death of Elvis/Lennon and Princess Di. All morning we’d heard the helicopters hovering … Continue reading

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Paying as you earn; the best way to save

Monday will see the start of the benefits changes that will climax in the full introduction of the Universal Credit in a year’s time. This is not an article about these changes. But it takes it kicks off from a brilliant … Continue reading

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Playpen guru says its all our fault

In an astonishing outburst at today Play Pen London lunch, pedagogue David Hargreaves bit the hand that fed and claimed that the predicament at retirement was down to the financial services industry. Hargreaves, an actuary who trades as the pension … Continue reading

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People with long eyes

“People with long eyes” This is what some native Americans called the scientists setting up a telescope in the mid-west desert; the phrase gave Lucy Winkett’s sermon at the St Paul’s Schools John Colet Day its theme. I sat and listened with long ears … Continue reading

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