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The closure of SVB in London – more than an embarrassment.

On Friday lunchtime I got a text from a friend “how big do you think this banking crisis is – do you think?” “What banking crisis?” – was my text back. A friend was being laid off by Silicon Valley … Continue reading

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Who’s taking and who’s benefiting from increased risk when pensions “buy-out”?

I’ve been hearing a lot about an argument going on behind the scenes between the Bank of England and the big boy’s regulator the “Prudential Regulatory Authority” and on the other side – the Government – (parliament). The argument is … Continue reading

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Productive Capital – producing value for members, tax-payers or both?

  This blog reports a discussion by  the Steering Committee (SC) of the Productive Finance Working Group’. The original document (minutes of a meeting on July 28th) can be accessed here. This meeting occurred before the letter from the Prime … Continue reading

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Why consumers need better choices; (explaining CDC to a merchant banker)

We need to find new ways to explain CDC to a wider audience – even merchant bankers! Continue reading

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Mark Carney v Barononess Altmann

In the Bank’s corner – Mark Carney In the Saver’s corner – Baroness Altmann Monetary policy is not helping ordinary people and low rates may be doing more harm than good Ordinary savers are being hung out to dry and … Continue reading

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Rebuilding the social capital of pensions.

    I’ve been reading Andy Haldane’s recent speech and kick off with this one statement among many good insights. “A plausible objective of public policy..is not to maximise trust among consumers of financial services but to maximise trustworthiness among its … Continue reading

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Crushed by falling bond yields – great guest blog by Ralph Frank

Mainstream assessments of the state of investment markets tend to focus on the equity market.  The level of the FTSE 100, S&P 500, Dow and/or Nikkei is deemed to be an indicator of the health of savers’ investment portfolios and/or … Continue reading

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People seeking safety at any price?

  I was annoyed to listen to one of the Bank of England’s Chief Economists Andy Haldane tell the BBC’s Robert Peston that people were seeking safety at any price. Passing the buck on to the “cautious consumer” may play … Continue reading

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Heavyweight support for CDC – the Dutchmen strike back!

I sit and watch; – like 1.2m other employers, I just want to see the money I pay into a workplace pension generate the best outcomes it can. Continue reading

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Playpen guru says its all our fault

In an astonishing outburst at today Play Pen London lunch, pedagogue David Hargreaves bit the hand that fed and claimed that the predicament at retirement was down to the financial services industry. Hargreaves, an actuary who trades as the pension … Continue reading

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