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Who’s taking and who’s benefiting from increased risk when pensions “buy-out”?

I’ve been hearing a lot about an argument going on behind the scenes between the Bank of England and the big boy’s regulator the “Prudential Regulatory Authority” and on the other side – the Government – (parliament). The argument is … Continue reading

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Was Andrew Bailey just the wrong man for the FCA job?

Nearly five years after the event, the former CEO of the FCA Andrew Bailey was called to the Public Accounts Committee to answer questions on the FCA’s unpreparedness for what is now known as the British Steel mis-selling scandal. You … Continue reading

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We need to know what goes on behind closed doors.

  “The life chances and financial security of millions of people across the country depend on the timely and successful reform of this key piece of financial services regulation,” -Tracy Blackwell- Pension Insurance Corporation. Tracy Blackwell is right. Any reform … Continue reading

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Is TPR setting too high a bar for CDC?

If you’re thinking of running a CDC scheme, make sure you have deep pockets. The application price alone is an eye-watering £77,000. This compares with £23,000 to apply for master trust authorisation. No one will make an application without being  … Continue reading

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Judge rules that people matter (shock)

What does that do to the buyout market? — andrew young (@glesgabrighton) August 19, 2019 Adrian is right, Andrew is barking up the wrong tree! The issue here is not “what does this mean for the bulk annuity market, but … Continue reading

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Why we have no time for “Banker Immunity”.

  We have not seen bankers marched in handcuffs from their desks but now it seems we might. The regulators have put-out a consultation paper that seeks to pin accountability on Directors (including non-executive Directors). A good friend of mine … Continue reading

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