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Why is no-one declaring for CDC?

It is getting on for 6 years since Royal Mail and CWU decided to quit warring over pensions and settle on a CDC solution for their staff. To date, not one penny has been committed to its corporate pension plan … Continue reading

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Confusing evidence. Aon and Aegon’s bogus trade-offs

Aon has produced a survey of  Aegon customers who are approaching the point they could choose pension over pot by buying into CDC, annuitizing or drawing down from their pot.  The survey is interesting not so much for the results … Continue reading

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The Mail exploits pension saver’s ignorance – who’s fault is that?

There is a lot wrong with this article, but one thing that is right is that performance matters and matters to the people who are using workplace pensions. If it didn’t matter, the Mail would not publish articles like this, … Continue reading

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Searching for pensions? Beware of false flags

Anything by Paul Mcglone is a top read on pensions. Paul has an understanding for big data, the power of using it right and the dangers of getting it wrong. Here is an outstanding article that explains why Chris Curry … Continue reading

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Aon could look beyond the employer, for appetite for CDC

So what does Aon  mean by “the industry”? It’s in the nature of large consultancies that when they think  “collectively”, they think of employers.  Pensions have been “occupational” for generations and occupational pensions speak collectively as the “pension industry”. But … Continue reading

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Would CDC have surfed the pandemic’s waves? Aon think so

Earlier this week Willis Towers Watson explained how  an individual’s buying power from a CDC scheme could be 70% higher than from a conventional DC scheme. Hot on its heels, Aon analysis shows UK CDC schemes would have weathered 2020’s … Continue reading

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Putting “transfer” in employer’s heads

Since 2012, the industry has self regulated pension transfer exercises where employers offer staff a financial incentive, to quit good quality schemes. Industry leaders are now calling for the Govt to intervene after saying self-regulation is failing https://t.co/sSwvLQG94A — Josephine … Continue reading

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CDC and the actuarial profession

  I am not an actuary, I work with actuaries and I work for an actuarial firm. I stand up for actuaries and I praise them where praise is due. Yesterday saw an attack on the actuarial profession on twitter … Continue reading

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Don’t de-risk too early – says Aon!

I nearly fell off my sofa on Lady Lucy!! While all I’ve been hearing from Aon’s fiduciary unit is the importance of locking down the pension scheme through Liability Driven Investment – fully implemented by Aon, here is the American … Continue reading

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CMA investment probe shock; the big three breathe again!

It shows the distance between the consumer and the investment consultant that all but a handful of readers will know what this headline refers to. To the general public, the Competition and Markets Authority’s probe into the opaque world of … Continue reading

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