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Opportunities knock – on “vulnerability watch”

If you’re a student in Manchester and you’re desperate to keep going out with your mates (rather than studying), help is at hand! For only 1160% APR, you could get up to £350 of drinking time till your student loan … Continue reading

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Want to know about investment risk? Quietroom’s “difficult second video”!

The good people at Quietroom have come up with another classic. I have to admit to having a bit part – I was the idiot who they asked to edit their script – as if! I think it is a … Continue reading

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Would you work with a robot?

  Technology’s all very well till it bites you in the bum. Imagine  Beth, Sally, Fiz and Sean facing up to a robo-panty stitcher in Underworld. If you don’t watch Coronation Street – Underworld’s Weatherfield’s top employer – thoughtNetflix appears to … Continue reading

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Consider the lilies – and leave LISA to George

More than a third (38%) of respondents are likely to consider introducing the newlifetime individual savings account (Isa) into their employee remuneration scheme in the future, according to research by law firm Sackers. The survey of 78 employers, trustees and advisors … Continue reading

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Let’s talk about sex (and pensioners)

  Marx was right, the two principal drivers in our behaviours are sex and money. A successful financial salesman used to present in working men’s club with a clipboard stuffed with ten pound notes, when he opened the clipboard out, … Continue reading

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What do we mean by Independent Financial Education?

This is an article that my firm First Actuarial have been sending to their clients. It’s so clear and simple, I thought I’d share it. Of course we’ll be sending it to Andy Haldane at the Bank of England! What … Continue reading

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Pension Freedoms need a Pension Dashboard

Jo Cumbo asks how the Pension Freedoms are bedding down. I don’t have access to the big data of an insurer but I am 54 and am now only six months from my entitlement to blow my savings on whatever I … Continue reading

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Getting to financial self-sufficiency

  I’m fascinating by the different ways in which people learn things -especially by the way that the internet has made it possible for people to become expert in quite difficult things in a very short time. Of course there … Continue reading

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Self-help – Can you “DIY pensions”?

“The instruction manual is missing” – the first thing my partner said when she opened her new smartphone, I’d kindly donated her for Christmas. I was close to having a Michael Winner moment. “That’s because you learn how to do … Continue reading

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Confirmation Bias: advice from Simon & Garfunkel

This is a blog from Paul Craven, the amazingly talented and disarmingly modest ex Goldman Sachs Banker cum behavioural scientist. This is such a wonderful piece of writing that I’d value it, even if I didn’t agree with it. But … Continue reading

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