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People don’t want to be #engaged or #educated – keep it simple and fun!

I enter into the final days of the year, hoping to hear less of the e-words in 2019. “Education” has been appropriated by the financial community as a way to endorse a value set that suits the financial community. Put … Continue reading

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If your boss doesn’t care about your pension , he doesn’t care about you.

Popcorn pensions We’re used to bosses telling us that we’re the company’s greatest resource.Britain is a service led economy and even in an increasingly digital market, the human resource is expensive to acquire and to replace. If you have a … Continue reading

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Pension Freedoms need a Pension Dashboard

Jo Cumbo asks how the Pension Freedoms are bedding down. I don’t have access to the big data of an insurer but I am 54 and am now only six months from my entitlement to blow my savings on whatever I … Continue reading

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Getting to financial self-sufficiency

  I’m fascinating by the different ways in which people learn things -especially by the way that the internet has made it possible for people to become expert in quite difficult things in a very short time. Of course there … Continue reading

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What exactly is a pension dashboard?

At yesterday’s session of the DWP select committee there was consensus that a pensions dashboard is a good idea. Curry: Pensions dashboard has worked internationally & the technology exists for it to happen. — Josephine Cumbo (@JosephineCumbo) September 7, 2015 Fritz: … Continue reading

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Re-engaging employers with their staff pensions

Once it was so simple. Good employers offered good pensions and lousy employers didn’t. The good employers congregated at NAPF conferences and congratulated themselves and an industry fed on the easy money growing within these plans. But then came lower … Continue reading

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Advice and education

  I chaired a meeting of independent financial advisers at RIBA yesterday. The best thing about the morning was the half hour spent over lunch in the wonderful Rennie Mackintosh exhibition within RIBA’s beautiful HQ in Great Portland Street, a … Continue reading

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