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People don’t want to be #engaged or #educated – keep it simple and fun!

I enter into the final days of the year, hoping to hear less of the e-words in 2019. “Education” has been appropriated by the financial community as a way to endorse a value set that suits the financial community. Put … Continue reading

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2018 – goodbye and good riddance

HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE WHO READS THIS BLOG 2018 was a mixed year for those looking for better pensions. On the plus side, we are finally getting auto-enrolment. The predicted increase in opt-outs didn’t happen, when member contributions tripled, we … Continue reading

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      An actuary friend of mine writes to me If we adjust the State Pension Age ahead of time, then it depends on assumptions for future improvement – (as adjustments follow a formula). And right now as you know … Continue reading

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The great austerity experiment is over

Tucked away on my news feed is a report of a speech made in Manchester by the architect of “austerity”, George Osborne. For those of us who have enjoyed the prosperity that our economic recovery has brought, austerity may seem … Continue reading

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Can the Government tough it out with #WASPI?

The Government were defeated on a back benchers debate 158 votes to 0. The vote was over the introduction of changes to the state pension age for women, resulting from legislation introduced in 2011. The Government’s response appears to be … Continue reading

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Austerity, WASPI and the middle way.

This morning George Osbourne has taken the opportunity to remind us that any enthusiasm we might have generated from his upbeat autumn statement should be tempered by the prospect of austerity to come. Osborne points to China , to political … Continue reading

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Can we afford financial services in times of austerity?

  Thomas Philippon , the celebrated economist, gave a lecture on Tuesday Morning as part of London University’s Leading Minds series. The gist of his talk is that the cost of financial services (the collective name for everyone who is an … Continue reading

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