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Inflation ticks up yet again: what it means for pension savers and retirees

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) measure of inflation rose from 10.1% in January to 10.4% in February, according to Office for National Statistics figures published this morning. Ouch. If it wasn’t difficult enough, this morning’s surprise inflation figures make the … Continue reading

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PLSA’s retirement living standards – a moving target!

This year’s update on our need for retirement income if we are to have a basic , moderate or comfortable lifestyle is really valuable. The headline finding is that the cost of living crisis adds up to a 20% greater … Continue reading

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Pension Schemes lose inflation ruling to the great relief of the Treasury.

Three pension funds took the Treasury to the High Court over changes to the retail price index and yesterday they lost. What this means to the schemes is that a lot of RPI linked gilts (linkers) will pay out less … Continue reading

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What 5.5% inflation means to those without savings

UK inflation has increased to the highest rate in 30 years, squeezing living standards and putting pressure on the Bank of England to raise interest rates again. According to data published by the ONS today, consumer prices rose at an … Continue reading

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CPI, RPI and CPIH – get up to speed pension people!

  I first published this blog in May 2017. Since then the Treasury has been consulting on the RPI/CPI/CPIH issues identified by the Royal Statistical Society. The result of that consultation is due anytime (most likely Wednesday 25th November). The … Continue reading

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You want to know the difference between RPI and CPI – from an expert?

Sometimes twitter just says wow! This is one of those times! Oh this is excellent. I mean seriously excellent. @TheActuaryMag @ProfPensions https://t.co/aJluICOIdk — Mike Harrison (@HigherEdActuary) May 12, 2017   Response to Department for Work and Pensions consultation on Security … Continue reading

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“A fair and lasting settlement”; public sector pensions

Paul Johnson and the Institute of Fiscal Studies have done the numbers and, to nobody’s surprise, have concluded that the long-term cost of  public sector pensions in terms of “pensions out” will be about the same under the new regime … Continue reading

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