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Government says “NO” to pension reform at the NHS.

“No” is a very short word. The Government has decided to say “no” to calls for further reform of the Annual and Lifetime Allowance as they impact the NHS pension scheme. “No” is a short word but this is a … Continue reading

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Giving doctors a break

“82% of consultants say they are are or are planning  cutting down on work” – Dr Tony Goldstone You can listen here to Dr Goldstone explain the issues facing doctors who find themselves on the cliff edge of taxation and … Continue reading

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So what’s unfair about a Pension Wealth Tax?

In this article I argue that any tax increases levied on the rich are ok by me, and I’m rich. The bias of vested interest The vast majority of people get tax relief on their pension contributions. Some people are excluded by … Continue reading

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Taper tantrums

  Not my phrase – Jo Cumbo’s.  Read her brilliant article on the travails of our super-earners who struggle to cram enough money into their pensions. The annual allowance taper can see a £40,000 pa annual contribution allowance diminish to … Continue reading

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Time for the pension nimbys to pipe down

  The law as it will be from this April will mean that people who choose to enjoy part of their pension freedoms while earning will have pension tax relief limited to the first £4,000 of their annual contributions. The … Continue reading

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Pensioning high-earners;- the nightmare deepens

We’ve known about the problems for high earners losing their pension  lifetime allowance protection for some time. They now have an exemption from auto-enrolment if their employer knows that enrolment would jeopardise their tax privileges in retirement. But now there’s … Continue reading

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