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Will I ever own a car again?

After 200,000 miles of careless ownership, this old friend will be towed away today pic.twitter.com/heMmA6C2y6 — Henry Tapper (@henryhtapper) May 28, 2022 To my embarrassment, I own a car. I haven’t driven it since Christmas, it sits unloved on a … Continue reading

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CDC and Individual DC Outcomes – Iain Clacher and Con Keating

  As a prelude to considering notional contribution allocation within a CDC scheme, it is worth asking the question as to how a 64-year-old and 24-year-old might have fared had they been in individual DC rather than in collective DC … Continue reading

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A major contribution to the practice of funding pensions

Despite most of us saving into defined contribution retirement plans which provide no pension and rely entirely on investments and contributions for their outcomes, the defined benefit plan remains the source of most retirement income for the UK. Most defined … Continue reading

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A practical illustration of Contractual Accrual Rates – Clacher and Keating

  In this article Con Keating and Iain Clacher explain an alternative to the current way we require DB schemes to be funded. It challenges received thinking and offers a way forward to regulators struggling to find an acceptable funding … Continue reading

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The other way to value DB schemes- Clacher and Keating.

  DB scheme value Valuation – the long way round Our blog (May 28th) calling for a bonfire of pension regulation led to a surprising amount of interest and a wide range of questions and even some requests for expansion … Continue reading

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Which would you rather live in- a house or a car?

  I’m fond of our current pension minister; he makes me laugh! He does a good impression of the “pension’s idiot” and enjoys being thought rather less on the ball than he actually is.   But scratch the surface and … Continue reading

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It’s not pensions that are rubbish- it’s the way we picture them

    I spent some time last week expressing my dis-satisfaction  with the DC Governance and the irrelevance of most DC trustees. It is easy to throw stones…. What is also needed is someone to mend the greenhouse to make … Continue reading

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