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A practical illustration of Contractual Accrual Rates – Clacher and Keating

  In this article Con Keating and Iain Clacher explain an alternative to the current way we require DB schemes to be funded. It challenges received thinking and offers a way forward to regulators struggling to find an acceptable funding … Continue reading

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People don’t have a “sell by” date

Two articles have been troubling my conscience, the first is by Debora Price  and is featured on this blog. Debora champions the vitality of older people. The second article is by Ros Altmann and is on a similar theme. It … Continue reading

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The tyranny of payroll or the management of pensions?

The received idea in Government circles is that employers don’t give a toss about the pensions they set up for their clients. In a recent thread on the Pension Play Pen Linked In Group (if you aren’t a member , … Continue reading

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SIPPs – where does the buck stop?

  The recent ruling of the Financial Ombudsman found in favour of investor- “Mr A” and against Berkeley Burke, a SIPP provider who had managed a £25,000 investment made by Mr A in Sustainable AgroEnergy. Mr A had been advised by … Continue reading

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