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We need a Dyno-Rod to unblock the pension pipes!

  Yesterday’s post on Pension Bee’s frustration with master trusts behavior – (blocking transfers under the guise of safeguarding) has solicited a flutter of tweets asking questions about Pension Bee’s motives and practice. I’m happy to answer some- as I … Continue reading

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Whatever happened to the managers of the steelworker’s SIPPs?

  This morning I had the chance to praise Hargreaves Lansdown for innovative work helping self-invested pension policyholders understand the risk they take in their portfolios. SIPPs can  and do offer those who want to self-invest , the opportunity to … Continue reading

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A whole new can of “defaults”

The Pension Regulator’s found a new can of worms to open. This time it relates to a very local problem but creates some difficulties for those running and governing DC pensions. As the vast majority of money going into DC … Continue reading

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(s)Carey pensions!

Thanks to Angie Brooks for bring to our attention a very disturbing matter relating to Carey Pensions. “Careys” will be known to those working in the early days of auto-enrolment for providing auto-enrolment shells into which various entrepreneurial fund managers … Continue reading

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When the dust settles…

For the second time in two years, George Osborne has produced a budget that will radically change the way we thing about retirement saving. If 2014 was the year we re-thought the way we spent our retirement spending, 2015 asks … Continue reading

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SIPPs – where does the buck stop?

  The recent ruling of the Financial Ombudsman found in favour of investor- “Mr A” and against Berkeley Burke, a SIPP provider who had managed a £25,000 investment made by Mr A in Sustainable AgroEnergy. Mr A had been advised by … Continue reading

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