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Vanguard makes its opposition to adopting ESG clear – how will you react?

Vanguard is not an active fund manager in that it doesn’t take positions against the market consensus, as defined by whatever index it chooses to follow. It is an owner of physical assets within those indices and therefore has voting … Continue reading

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Assessment of 2021 IGC reports – a boring read but an important one!

Despite the efforts of the FCA to make IGC reporting more relevant to ordinary savers, I found this crop of IGC reports were bland and unambitious in their reporting of VFM. No IGC suggested that  value for money was not … Continue reading

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The 2021 IGC reports – links, reviews and ratings

I’ve completed my review of the 2020 IGCs and GAAs – 15 reviews of the reports I know of. It you run an IGC or GAA that I’ve missed, please send me your report. I doubt many IGCs have met … Continue reading

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In the Vanguard of the IGCs

This year’s IGC reports have been delayed over an arcane dispute over what constitutes a scheme year (see appendix).  But the good news is the delay will allow for some IGCs to open a debate about what counts for value … Continue reading

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Choosing the right path for your personal pension pot

  A few of my cronies shared screens yesterday evening to discuss “post retirement issues”. I think it was the alert Mark Thompson who pointed out that “post retirement” comes death so we decided “in retirement” was a better phrase. … Continue reading

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The problem with platforms (is that everyone loves them).

Platforms are a relatively new but significant and growing distribution channel. The platform service provider market has doubled since 2013 from £250bn to £500bnassets under administration (AUA). This growth in AUA has been driven by rising markets and increasing levels … Continue reading

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Beware the cuckoos in the NEST

The NEST insight conference was held yesterday in the old assembly hall of the City of London School. Nowadays, the hall is an auditorium for JP Morgan who hosted and delivered a keynote on the changing needs of today’s pensioners (Apparantly … Continue reading

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Hargreaves versus the “vanilla solution”.

  I was amused when opening Linked in this morning to find a pension leads salesman offering “clients who had got compensated for fault SIPP investment and were looking to adviser to provide them with a “vanilla solution”. Just what … Continue reading

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In the US, Vanguard sweeps all before it

The latest  Morningstar asset-flow figures are frightening   They show American investors deserting high-cost active fund management for Vanguard, a predominately passive fund manager with a mutual structure that puts the investor first. Vanguard’s gain is at the ruination of more established … Continue reading

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