“Do we need a dashboard- or just a pension finding service?” – Pension PlayPen lunch – Monday 5th Nov


Expect fireworks at the Pension Play Pen lunch on Monday.

The derisory £5m budget dished out by the Treasury to fund the dashboard suggests we won’t get much more than a damp squib.


But maybe the Treasury are right! Maybe we don’t need a dashboard but just a way to find our pensions.

Maybe people need just enough to get them started – access to their state pension rights and a list of who’s got their workplace pension money, their private savings and their DB pension rights.

Maybe we’ve made such heavy weather of the dashboard that the world has moved on?

What do you think?

If you are interested in dashboards, financial awareness or just getting people good quality lives in retirement, you should come to next week’s (Monday 5th November) Pension Play Pen lunch.

Where and when?

The lunch will be in the Partners Room of the Counting House pub at 50 Cornhill London https://www.the-counting-house.com/

It’s 12 for 12.30 and everyone is welcome.

It costs around £15 a head – you can pay cash or by card or other payments, Receipts are available.

Hope to see you there!

counting house 5

The Counting House

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4 Responses to “Do we need a dashboard- or just a pension finding service?” – Pension PlayPen lunch – Monday 5th Nov

  1. Ros Altmann says:

    So sorry I can’t be there!

  2. Dave C says:

    I’ve a great idea.

    A DIY pension finder. Find it yourself and stop being lazy.

    If you’re too lazy to find thousands of pounds of your own money you’re an idiot.

  3. Bob ward says:

    Hi Henry

    Apologies but I’m in Birmingham Mon/Tues

    See you soon and have a nice lively lunch Bob ________________________________

  4. Bob Ward says:

    We need a comprehensive ‘Pension Finding’ service;
    Occupational schemes are sorted but Personal Pensions have been jealously guarded by providers using the data protection as an excuse to sit on them. Bearing in mind most are legacy schemes with high charges (high profits to life companies) – so they don’t want to find 000s transferring away to cheaper PPPs
    We don’t need a fixed dashboard, we need a central uniform protocol HUB so that the market can develop their own platform to display consumers’ plans. The market will then determine who displays information and provides the best service.
    The HUB needs to be developed and funded collectively by the industry (providers, IT, Gov agencies (State Pension), schemes (Trustees) the dsame way as LINK was developed by banks and building societies for money transmission and collective account information.

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