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Con Keating on integrated risk management-(@PensionPlayPen lunch).

If you attended the Pension PlayPen lunch on Monday March 6th, you may have wondered where I was- I was on a plane returning from India. I am told it was good fun and Con Keating called it the best … Continue reading

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Should we invest, when we’re in debt?

There’s a very good  BBC Martin Lewis Podcast on borrowing ; http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p04qhdsg We’ve always thought as Lewis as anti-debt (an advocate of “debt-free” living). The Podcast gives as an example a man who has moved to the country with his … Continue reading

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Doesn’t “integrated risk management” set the bar askew?

The buzz phrase for those involved in DB pension management is “Integrated Risk Management” or IRM – if you want to sound familiar with these things. The phrase is a good one as it focuses trustee’s minds on what really … Continue reading

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