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HMRC – pay up on your pension promises!

I’m a member of the Net Pay Action Group and I’m going to hold this Government to the promise it made in the Conservative Party Manifesto. We have a “pre-cooked” way to stop 1.7m low earners being diddled out of … Continue reading

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A blueprint for pension consolidation.

Yesterday I was reading the corporate accounts of MoneySupermaket.com. Last year, as well as generating nearly £400m of turnover and making over £100m in profit, MSM were given personal information by over half the UK adult population. 25m people volunteered … Continue reading

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Pension Wise+Pension Dashboard=?

You’ve probably seen the splurge of advertising for Pensions Wise, as it eases towards a new brand. Odd! Someone’s got a budget to burn! In a couple of months we’ll have a new brand and a whole load more rules … Continue reading

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Doesn’t “integrated risk management” set the bar askew?

The buzz phrase for those involved in DB pension management is “Integrated Risk Management” or IRM – if you want to sound familiar with these things. The phrase is a good one as it focuses trustee’s minds on what really … Continue reading

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Getting “generation rent” to save for later.

Matthew Vincent has some fun in the FT at the expense of the chin hairs, the Digital Garages and the “app’ll fix it” culture among pension strategists. You can read the fun here https://www.ft.com/content/2926e0ae-86ee-11e6-bcfc-debbef66f80e . (provided you’ve got your FT subs to … Continue reading

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Ros Altmann’s first big political test

The WASPI petition is now in the hands of a small group of parliamentarians who decide whether the petition’s 100,000 signatories have enough of a point to trigger a parliamentary debate. Large as 100,000 is, it is not so politically … Continue reading

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“Turning the amber light green”; – creating a buzz around #auto-enrolment.

We should not minimise the impact of the employer duties, they are onerous and will be disruptive. But we must put them in the context of the greater good. Continue reading

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Watch out for the financial tsunami from an ageing population

The cost of an ageing population in Europe is expected to “dwarf” the impact of the current financial crisis many times over, a European Commission report reveals. Continue reading

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