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Phoenix should be putting out fires – not fanning the flames!

Phoenix are rightly taking some stick for suggesting that the young should pay more for their pension investment than the old. It would be hard to present an argument in a worse way than Phoenix/Standard Life’s PR team have managed … Continue reading

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“There’s plenty of “dry powder” – we need an explosion of productive capital”

This blog is a review of an article by Emma Duncan published in The Times on January 7th 2022, headed: “Let’s turn Covid and Brexit to our advantage” – an eminently sensible idea. However, the way in which this is … Continue reading

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Loosening the pension charge cap

This move will enable your #pension scheme to invest more widley to help ‘build back better’. The deal is you may pay higher charges with no guarantee of higher returns. https://t.co/dBkJoXhFsT — Josephine Cumbo (@JosephineCumbo) October 27, 2021 Plans to … Continue reading

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KEEP CLEAR- unexploded pension bomb

The DWP’s full frontal assault on poor value occupational pensions will be launched shortly.  The intent of Guy Opperman and his policy team at the DWP is to consolidate the occupational DC pension market with intent to improve member outcomes. … Continue reading

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A reluctant case for tinkering with the pension charge cap

General remarks about “tinkering” with the charge cap A good place to start one’s thinking on charges caps is by asking “what is being capped and why?”. Not all costs and charges are capped by the 2015 cap. Costs that … Continue reading

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We can have venturous investment within the pension charge cap

I’m a big fan of the British Business Bank (BBB) which helps start-ups like AgeWage organise the money to get them up and running and helps them grow. I’m also a fan of their idea of making workplace pension work … Continue reading

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Why we will always need a charge cap on workplace pensions.

    Tony Filbin has commented feelingly to comments made by Jonathan Parker of Redington, suggesting the charge cap “hinders value for money“. People with short memories and/or lack of experience misunderstand the cost drivers of corporate pension providers. Prior … Continue reading

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How to run a pension at 1/30th the cost of the pension charge cap.

  How much does it cost to actively manage Alecta, Sweden’s largest workplace pension provider? The answer, according to Magnus Billing – is 0.024% of the funds assets each year. That’s less than 1/30th of the 0.75% cap imposed by … Continue reading

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Good (and bad) news on investment fee disclosure!

The FT reports that the Investment Association has stated “we can see a way to build an underlying system, a common template, that will provide data tailored in a way that is suitable to both retail and institutional investors” That’s … Continue reading

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