High fives for the UN! The High Seas treaty was signed last night!

This cute little fellow may not know it yet, but the UN has just signed a treaty that may make his/her life a lot better.

We know about 23,000 of the species that inhabit the high seas, but there are an estimated 1.2m species out there, a stunning biodiversity that keeps the planet breathing.

Of course we know that the ocean is under threat and awareness of that was improved when I spent time at a recent conference on natural capital.

And every time that people like Rebalance Earth, bring these matters to my mind, I realise that what we are doing with our and other people’s money can fund the maintenance of our oceans and our forests and the natural capital we have around us – even in the UK.

the whale shark is the largest fish in the ocean (we’ve yet discovered).

The discovery of the oceans -transmitted to non-experts, excites me more than our behaviour appalls me.

And the news this morning is good,. You can read about the UN High Seas Treaty and why it is needed in this great BBC article.

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