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Has a robot changed advice for ever?

Below¬†are the questions I’ve been asked to address next month at the Pension and Benefit Conference. I hope that when robots go to grammar school, they’ll be able to do a little better framing the question! The framing of the … Continue reading

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If it’s not in the price- I’m not paying it.

All week I have been beset by those nasty little extras that add up. On Norwegian Airlines everything is extra, water, food , headsets , blankets – the duty free is more expensive than Tescos. It costs $50 to put … Continue reading

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The cost of auto-enrolment

  Charlotte Clark – one of the architects of auto-enrolment and now head of private pensions in the DPW – is an economist. She is familiar with cost having worked in a corresponding position in the Treasury and it was … Continue reading

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The true cost of pensions; UK vs Netherlands – guest blog from Emma Craig of KAS Bank

  Yesterday the Financial Services Consumer Panel released a paper outlining key issues for long term savers created by opacity in the true cost of investing in pensions. As auto-enrolment of workers into (predominantly) Defined Contribution pensions continues apace the … Continue reading

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What price certainty?

                                The cost of certainty¬†changes in proportion to the amount of certainty. The more flexible your guarantee, the more it’s going to cost you. I … Continue reading

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